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R+D Resources

Equipment/TestASTM Method
Bearing CorrosionASTM D1743
Bomb OxidationASTM D942
Cold Temperature Brookfield Rheology
Cone and Plate Brookfield Viscometer
Copper CorrosionASTM D130
Dropping PointASTM D2265
Four Ball WearASTM D2266
Gaulin Homogenizer
Kinematic ViscosityASTM D445
Lab Colloid Mill
Lab Reactors
Life Size Environmental Chamber
Low Temperature RheologyASTM D2196
Oil SeparationASTM D6184
Oil Separation PressureASTM D1742
Optical Microscope
PenetrometerASTM D217
pH Meter
Rotary Evaporator
Soxlet Extractor
Specific GravityCTM-2
Thermogravimatric Analysis
Three Roll Mills
Vacuum Oven
Water WashoutASTM D1264
Zwick Tensile Strength Meter

OEM-Focused Product Development

ECL's three-stage new product development process is rooted in data-driven experimentation and life cycle testing.

It begins in our analytical research lab, where proposed greases, coatings, and dispersions are formulated to meet customer performance requirements. Then our pilot production lab, matched to production geometry and heating characteristics, ensures batch production does not change the performance characteristics of the sample. Finally, when required, our validation lab pre-tests the new formulation on customers' parts, using customer-designed test rigs to evaluate mechanical performance. ECL's computer-controlled, walk-in environmental chamber replicates the part's real world operating environment.

If our formulation doesn't pass the tests, the process starts again in the analytical lab, so that our customers do not have to spend time and resources testing multiple sample formulations.