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Innovation and Experience at Work

Engineered Custom Lubricants, founded in 1954, is a Quaker Houghton company that designs, manufactures, markets, and sells high performance, first-fill greases and coatings for OEMs and their suppliers.more

Three strategies, fueled by reinvestment of earnings, drive the "new" ECL's growth:

  • Keep our customers' products on the cutting edge by continual investment in research and development.
  • Give our customers what they ask for, when they want it: responsive application and technical support along with innovative first-fill greases delivered on time to help customers compete in their respective markets.
  • Be where our customers need us by continually expanding our global footprint through new facilities, acquisitions and international partnerships.

Regular customer surveys tell us how we're doing and where we need to improve. We're pleased to report that in recent surveys, more than 90% of customers reported that we met or exceeded their expectations for responsiveness and innovation.

Product Portfolio

ECL now offers more than 400 greases, fluorinated dispersions and waterborne dry film coatings that are specified by OEMs and their suppliers.more

Our product portfolio offers customers a broad range of performance options, including a full range of soap and non-soap greases using all major base oils: mineral, semi-synthetic, PAOs, esters, glycols, silicones, PPEs, CTFEs and PFPEs. Our spray, dip and brush-on fluorinated dispersions provide strong, transparent, durable lubricating films with an extremely low coefficient of friction. Our waterborne dry film coatings are solvent-free, non-flammable friction reducers that can improve the performance of specialty greases and, in some cases, provide lower-cost lubrication alternatives. In 2013, as a result of an acquisition, all Christo-Lube® brand PFPE lubricants became part of ECL's product portfolio.

OEM-Focused Product Development

ECL's three-stage new product development process is rooted in data-driven experimentation and life cycle testing.more

It begins in our analytical research lab where proposed greases, coatings and dispersions are formulated to meet customer performance requirements. Then our pilot production lab, matched to production geometry and heating characteristics, ensures batch production does not change the performance characteristics of the sample. Finally, when required, our validation lab pre-tests the new formulation on customers' parts, using customer-designed test rigs, to evaluate mechanical performance. ECL's computer-controlled, walk-in environmental chamber replicates the part's real world operating environment. If our formulation doesn't pass the tests, the process starts again in the analytical lab, so that our customers do not have to spend time and resources testing multiple sample formulations.


Data-based capacity planning ensures that our customers have the products they need when they need them.more

Three manufacturing locations with equipment redundancy ensure customers that production will continue if there is a disrup�tion in the supply of base oils. A new EU manufacturing facility is scheduled to begin operation in 2015. ECL's future plans include construction of an ISO Class 8 Cleanroom for manufacturing and packaging, especially for customers in the aviation, aerospace, medical and electronics industries.

Quality + IT

We take the role our lubricants play in the performance and life cycle of our customers' products seriously.more

Industry respected quality standards — TS-16949, 6 Sigma Black Belt and 8D principles — drive all of our operations. Each batch is tested before shipment. Planned IT investments and our frequently updated website will ensure that quality documentation and other account information are available at any time.

Global Presence

Through strategically sited global facilities and the latest in communication technology, we will be where our customers are. Our acquisition as a wholly owned subsidiary of Quaker Houghton expands ECL's R+D, warehouse, and shipping services around the globe.